Le Butcherettes

Le Butcherettes

Niña Dioz, Le Ra, Stars At Night

Sat · October 20, 2018

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Le Butcherettes
Le Butcherettes
Family incites joy/PAIN, satisfaction/GUILT, and love/HATE in equal measure.

Life happens in between the emotions we feel for/OR against those closest to us. The fallout radiates across our lives and ultimately defines us. Le Butcherettes—Teri Gender Bender [vocals/guitar/piano], Alejandra Robles Luna [drums], Rikardo Rodriguez-Lopez [guitars/synth] and Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez [bass]—dissect the meaning of family on their fourth full-length album and first for Rise Records, bi/MENTAL. Equal parts cerebral poetry, art assault, and primal punk cacophony, these 13 tracks represent the Guadalajara-born and El Paso-based group at its most incisive and infectious.

“We all have two extremities,” exclaims Teri. “Black and white are on opposite sides. When I was little, I had a family. Now that I’m older, it’s fallen apart by conflict, emotional corruption, blackmail, and sickness. What does that mean? What does it do to us? We’re always battling with, what I like to call, ‘The Other’. When things aren’t right with your roots, you feel like you’re on the edge of disconnection. You start doubting yourself. They were the roots of my everything…but I’m not that little girl anymore. I have to start making room for myself. I can’t let this torment me. The pendulum swings back and forth. Reason will be lost and gained again. That’s bi/MENTAL. Now that I think about all of this, it makes sense I came up with the name in the shower,” she laughs.

Over the past decade-plus, Teri and Co. quietly laid the groundwork for a statement of this magnitude. 2015’s A Raw Youth attracted acclaim from Consequence of Sound, Magnet, Classic Rock, and more. An infamous live force, the frontwoman defied house rules (and gravity), hanging upside down from the rafters at a storied Coachella set followed by stage-wrecking displays everywhere from Lollapalooza to Fun Fun Fun Fest. Handpicked to support Jack White, At The Drive In, Faith No More, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Deftones, and others, Le Butcherettes earned the blessing and anointment of rock’s vanguard. The songstress also joined iconic Garbage leader Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle on the cover of Nylon, while Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins, and John Frusciante immediately accepted invitations to collaborate. Spreading their influence into the mainstream, “Eli” soundtracked an episode of HBO’s True Detective, and “New York” became the theme for the 2015 World Series opener.

Never content to sit still or get comfortable, Le Butcherettes teamed up with iconic Talking Heads member Jerry Harrison [No Doubt, Violent Femmes, KD Lang] behind the board as producer. After three albums produced by Omar Rodríguez-López of At The Drive In and The Mars Volta, the new creative environment added another dimension to the sound.

“I stayed at Jerry’s house up in Northern California for pre-production,” she recalls. “He, his wife, and their little dog have the most amazing family vibe. The whole atmosphere was very green and really amazing. I was going through a lot, but I felt like I had a family during this time. I was able to be vulnerable and in-your-face at the same time. With all of his wisdom, it’s as if Jerry fathered the record. I think my dad would’ve liked him.”

Themes of internal and familial strife hang over the opener and first single “spider/WAVES” [The album version of the track will feature Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys]. A ticking timebomb of riffs clicks and clacks as her howling falsetto swings towards a searing screech punctuated by spoken word from Jello Biafra. Appropriately, she dons a Chichimeccan warrior outfit in honor of her grandmother in the accompanying music video directed by award-winning duo Noun.

“Lyrically, it’s like this big delicious spider has its wave,” she elaborates. “In a way, we’re all caught in it. This thing wants to devour as much as it can, but you have to make sure you’re okay. You’re trying to protect yourself from something that wants to get in. It goes along with the idea of the record. It helped me go through the emotions. I realized it might be more about me than, ‘The Other’.”

The schizophrenic barrage of “mother/HOLDS” [feat. Alice Bag] unites two generations of disruptive goddesses as Alice Bag and Teri formally meet on a recording. Chilean superstar and “ultra girl crush” Mon Laferte lends her massive vocals to the Latin-tinged “la/SANDIA.” Everything concludes on the abrupt catharsis of “/BREATH.” It’s the ultimate emotional exorcism conjured by theatrical delivery, rock ‘n’ roll ambition, and punked-out psychedelic

“Music is my outlet,” she admits. “I’ve never been to a therapist before. I don’t talk to my friends about this stuff. Music keeps me away from trouble. It keeps my mind free. It makes me feel connected to God like everything will be okay at the end of the day.”

In the end, bi/MENTAL will undoubtedly make you feel too.

“If you listen, I hope it moves you—even just a little bit,” she leaves off. “I’m not asking for much, maybe just a finger. That’s all I could ask for.”
Niña Dioz
Niña Dioz
Desde su EP debut en el 2007 “Marcapasos” lanzado por ella misma en Monterrey, NL. a ser catalogada dentro de “las 10 de las raperas latinas más influyentes de todos los tiempos” (Revista Latina, ; Niña Dioz se ha forjado un nombre en un panorama musical dominado por hombres.
La respuesta a su música por parte de una sólida base de fans que continúa en expansión día con día es un reflejo del inagotable talento y compromiso que Niña Dioz tiene de crear música de nivel internacional, así como su visión “DIY” (Hazlo tú mismo) que la distingue como mujer de negocios y fuerte artista visionaria.

Acompañada de extravagantes beats y su estilo único, la música de Niña Dioz ha destacado en campañas por todo América Latina para Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Nike ; así como en películas y series de televisión.

Después de recibir el premio a "Mejor Artista de Hip -Hop" por la revista DJ Concept; su álbum "Marcapasos" también fue nominado como el "Mejor Álbum de Hip -Hop"en el 2009 por los Indie-O Music Awards.

Sin el apoyo de una discográfica ó equipo de management, Niña Dioz tomó las riendas de su propia carrera continuando en atraer y trabajar con grandes productores de talla internacional como Alejandro Rosso (Plastilina Mosh), Toy Selectah (Control Machete/Mad Decent), The Crookers (Ciao Recs) y Frikstailers (ZZK Recs); lanzando 3 mixtapes a descarga libre que la llevaron de gira por todo México y Estados Unidos, así como en diversos festivales de música en Argentina, Colombia, Suecia, Noruega, España e incluso Nepal.

En mayo del 2012 lanzó su EP "Indestructible”, su primer lanzamiento oficial disponible para iTunes y otros proveedores de música digital. El album fué aclamado por la crítica de People en Español quienes le dieron 3 de 4 estrellas, afirmando que es "Un ejemplo saludable de la calidad del Hip-Hop en Español".
Le Ra
Le Ra
Le Ra is an indie band formed in Tijuana/San Diego in early 2010 by front-woman Mónica Mendoza. Le Ra's sound has progressed with major influences spanning from brit-pop, to rock en español and bossa nova. The project has had a few releases that include EPs 'Moving' in 2011 and 'Big Sky' in 2012. They are currently working on releasing their single 'Sin Nombre' on Sept 20th 2018 from their upcoming full length 'Limbs' that is set to be released Oct 4th of 2018 through Respectful Lust Records.

Their current line-up consist of Mónica Mendoza (vocals, guitar, keys) Ida Naughton (backing vocals, bass) Maribel Luna (backing vocals, drums) and Luis A. Lopez (percussion).
Stars At Night
Stars At Night
Since their formation in 2010 East LA's very own sensational quartet of fierce female Angelina's Stars At Night who make a dirty, energetic, and powerful rock, spiced with punk, psychedelia, and plenty of attitude, have become a tour de force of sound a.nd style in LA's underground scene. With influences that range from Black Sabbath to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this bands sound is an amalgamation of raw force and elegant artistry.
Lead singer and keyboardist Irene Quiles is anything but reserved when performing. Her powerful voice and disarming lyrics can deliver you to a state of euphoria or push you into frenzied excitement. No less is the seemingly inexhaustible energy of drummer Joana Rubio. Creating the ground shaking heartbeat of each song, Joana pumps each song to life with shear power, talent, and presence. Bass player Elizabeth Banuelos never fails to keep the ground shaking with the raw deep riffs of her bass. Rounding out these four bright stars is guitarist Seleste Diaz. Behind the subdued stage presence is the sharpness and vision of a brilliant musician who seems to weave together hair-raising, hip-gyrating riffs and melodies as if from the ether. It is the authentic [visual and auditory] beauty of Stars At Night that will propel them to stellar heights.
Stars At Night's trajectory has caught the attention of both underground and popular music groups, all who have invited Stars At Night to perform as part of their shows' opening line-up. SANs (Stars At Night) live performances captivate audiences and make believers out of skeptics. They are made up of four elements of awesome, jagged-edged rock.
2010 saw the emergence of SANs self-released debut album, The Beginning. Since then, these cosmic creatures have gone through many changes. While still performing at venues throughout Los Angeles, their sound-scape is an ever evolving machine of lush sonic experimentation. In 2016, Stars At Night will release their much anticipated sophomore album, Stars At Night. The title proudly announces to the world: We Have Arrived. Their upcoming new single Searching, set to pound the eardrums later this year, conveys the celestial thundering music that has come to embody their universe. To those who have not yet experienced Stars At Night, I say this: WATCH OUT. These glowing spheres of energy are lighting up the night sky.
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