Ramonda Hammer, Spare Parts For Broken Hearts

Ramonda Hammer

Spare Parts For Broken Hearts

Thick, Gypsum

Sun · May 27, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Ramonda Hammer
Ramonda Hammer
Ramonda Hammer is a Los Angeles grunge-pop quartet who's band name comes from a lady featured on the former television show Cheaters. That show, in and of itself, represents how front-woman and band founder Devin Davis views life - it's a mix of sad and funny, some people learn and some people don't, and we take what we can to do what we can. In her songwriting, Davis plays with quirky chord progressions, time signature and tempo changes, and dynamic, biting vocal melodies - akin to many of the alternative and grunge bands that made an impact in the 90s. The other three fourths of Ramonda Hammer - Andy Hengl, Justin Geter, and Danny Louangxay - turn Davis' songs into fully flourished anthems! The band's debut album drops April, 2016. It's titled Whatever That Means, which is not only a playful nod to everyone who's puzzled by the band's name, but is a lyric from a track on the album. If you want to stay Hammered, follow the band on all forms of social media.
Spare Parts For Broken Hearts
Spare Parts For Broken Hearts
With walls of distortion, driving low-end rhythms & raw colossal vocal angst “Spare Parts for Broken Hearts” (SP/BH) create an emotionally charged experience for Post-Grunge fans. The Long Beach/LA based band combine a ‘90s influenced style of unpredictable chaos and feedback fused with a straight forward approach to raw riffs and pop sensibility. They build upon dark melodic layers with meaningful and melancholy storytelling to create
an authentic and visceral delivery.

The trio formed in 2010 in a rehearsal space near Downtown Los Angeles. SP/BH is vocalist Sarah Green (SG) on guitar & bass, alternating guitar & bass with Laurita Guaico, and Mikey Vallejo on drums.
Brooklyn, NY
Gypsum is a four-piece, polyrhythmic, riff-driven post-rock band based in Los Angeles, California. They draw from a wide array of influences, including folk, prog, R&B and psych rock. The group was born out of a weekly jam session that crystallized into something more serious. Their songs are intricate, intelligent, and engaging built on complicated harmony, compound rhythms, four-part voice and an undeniable chemistry. Their strength lies in their live show where the music coalesces into an intellectually stimulating and sonically savory experience. Find them in the wild at your local taco truck.
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042