The Dirtball

The Hi Hat & Gravity Bookings Present

The Dirtball

Know-Madik, Free Weed, Muskk

Sat · January 20, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

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The Dirtball
The Dirtball
After wreaking havoc on the road rocking sold out crowds across the country, Oregon based rapper The Dirtball is bringing it home with the release of his third solo album, Crook County. While in the past his accelerated rhyming skills have kicked his career into overdrive, now with his latest release it’s his songwriting skills that have him cruising in the fast lane.
Know-Madik is a rising independent hip-hop artist, songwriter, producer etc with music featured on the hit tv show Empire, Netflix, ESPN, NHL Network, American Ninja Warrior, and more. Know-Madik has collaborated with the likes of Sublime with Rome, Prodigy of Mobb Deep (R.I.P.), Dirty Heads, and Tim Myers (One Republic). After surviving a near life ending battle with cancer, he is hard at work creating music with his long time family at Fresh Goods Music. Know-Madik is known for his original tone and cadence as well as his impeccable lyrical & freestyle skills. His consistent positive message & feel good subject matter brings all walks of life together.
Free Weed
Free Weed
Free Weed is the side project of the most prolific stoner rocker in LA, Rikky Gage. You may have seen him on stage as the front man for White Fang, The Memories, or The Stoners. He is also the head honcho of the Gnar Burger, a stoner friendly record store located in Cypress Park. Rikky has a unique approach to song writing and maintains a carefree, humorous attitude on and off the stage. He is also known for giving away marijuana at his Free Weed shows.
Muskk is the reincarnation of your favorite spirit animal. The sounds they generate create an ethereal atmosphere that move crowds and satisfy the most baron of souls.

Front man / bass player James Howard met with drummer Christopher Garcia in late December 2014 to form the band in The San Fernando Valley. They went through a few auditions for other contributing members and eventually came across guitarist, Evan Lindley. They were featured on lineups at various Los Angeles venues and had positive responses at WOMA, a venue local to the Valley. They eventually added the electronic element with Ed Kim and it sealed the deal. The Muskk of 2015 was growing rapidly.

Soon after many successful shows, they decided to bring rhythm guitarist, Cody Sparti, on board to help harness the full capacity of the Muskk sound.

Looking into the future, this young Muskk has a lot to uncover. Whether it be touring to new states, playing festivals, or establishing management, they have the potential every legendary band started off with.
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042