Maxim Ludwig

Maxim Ludwig

Olivia Kaplan, Operator Music Band

Fri · December 15, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Maxim Ludwig
Maxim Ludwig
In experience and attitude, Maxim Ludwig is a man of extremes. He has lived life with violent immoderation, recklessly drunk too much or praised the virtues of his own sobriety, eaten to excess or not at all, slept days away or skipped nights of sleeping, worked obsessively for glory or laid about with unbridled laziness. Out of joy, adventure and abandon, fiercely unafraid of consequences, he is the honest instigator in the tradition of R.P. McMurphy, Serge Gainsbourg and Norman Mailer, a true romantic artist irreverent to all but his craft.

On Ludwig's debut album Libra-Scorpio Cusp, we find our hero at ease by night, brimming with eccentric charisma that's half beatnik, half Rat Pack, showing an uncanny knack for rock and roll with desperate vocals and funky grooves. Through thoughtful arrangements lifted by gritty riffs, expansive keyboards and fearlessly soulful saxophones, Ludwig's first full-length effort stands out as a liberating play. As a songwriter, his lyrics are self-reflective and direct, inspired by the Black Mountain Poets, Henry Miller-esque sexual obsessions, broken promises ("W8 4 U"), creative persistence ("Big White Wall") and some more naughty forms of self-expression ("No One Has to Know"). The melodies are naturally captivating, asking to be sung along to, hair down, ass shaking. On stage, his mad-man performances breed infectious enthusiasm.
Olivia Kaplan
Olivia Kaplan
Los Angeles native, Olivia Kaplan, first picked up a guitar at twelve and taught herself Cat Stevens' The First Cut is the Deepest...only, it was definitely the Sheryl Crow version. While one may hear influences of that first Sheryl cover, Kaplan’s melancholic and open-hearted music aligns her more naturally with songwriters like Amy Mann and Cat Power. Kaplan is a keen emotional note-take and her songs are thoughtful responses to relationships made or observed, and human situations to which she’s borne witness. Her grounded vocals combined with a minimalist approach to instrumentation embody a desolate closeness, capturing the desperation that comes with attempts at modern empathy.

She has just released her sophomore EP, 'At the Seams' in January of 2018 that is available on streaming services and iTunes for purchase.

"Her pleading alto and the sophisticated instrumentation supporting it are burnished to a gleam, so deeply satisfying that it’s easy to forget she’s singing from—and about—a place of pain. Each of the six tracks feels connected. They’re diary entries from a singular mind trying to keep itself from sinking into dark water, falling to pieces in a bed, and quietly succumbing to the anguish of being ignored. " -LA Record on 'At the Seams'
Operator Music Band
With shades of art-pop experimentalism and electronic minimalism, New York’s Operator Music Band is a blend of the comforting analogue old and the kinetic digital new. Warbling synthesizers and waves of feedback noise wander over steady motorik beats, bringing krautrock into an exciting third wave of synthetic bliss. What ultimately defines their sound is an aesthetic and tonal malleability, willing to appear both serious & silly. At the center of Operator Music Band is the complex symbiosis between Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller. Hirsch, a audio engineer by trade brings a cerebral intensity to her virtuosic guitar playing and vulnerable vocal delivery, while Hiller is all flash and noise, partly through his own analogue effects tinkering (l0/rez). The duo has been recently joined by Gabe Pittleman on bass. On their latest EP, Coördination, the band expands on the vocabulary established in their debut LP, Puzzlephonics I & II (New Professor Music), adding layers of textural and melodic complexity to their already familiar strobing funk-punk arrangements. With metronomic drumming by Julian Fader (Ava Luna) and produced by Henry Terepka (Zula) this new batch of songs shows Operator Music Band is willing to explore an ever-expanding palette through collaboration and experimentation. As with their previous effort, Coördination, was mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke (Parquet Courts, Snail Mail, Cloud Becomes Your Hand).
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042