Lydia Night's Birthday Party ft. No Parents

Lydia Night's Birthday Party ft. No Parents

The Aquadolls, The Memories, Liily

Sat ยท October 14, 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Celebrating Lydia of The Regrettes birthday! Ticket proceeds will go to Rowan's Roses Foundation.

The Memories
The Memories
The Memories formed in the Belmont/Hawthorne district of Southeast Portland, Oregon in the Summer of 2010 by White Fang bandmates and childhood friends Rikky Gage and Kyle Handley. They recorded their first album in one of the upstairs bedrooms at what was called the 40th house, a big three story home on a busy street that was a hangout for local stoners and artists. Their self-titled debut was released on their own Gnar Tapes label as a cassette. 200 were pressed in the Winter of 2010/2011. The tape soon attracted the ears of labels like Underwater Peoples and Burger Records, the former pressing the album to LP and the latter reissuing it on cassette with the Underwater People's sanctioned art, which was expertly rendered by Lexington, Kentucky based sound and visual artist Robert Beatty. Burger Records soon became their champion, releasing 4 cassettes and LP by 2013. In the Winter of 2014 Chicago based Randy Records pressed the band's first 7", a 6-song EP named "American Summer". This was followed by a handful of cassette releases on Gnar Tapes, including a split release with Rad Records; a label founded and fronted by Kyle Field, whose band Little Wings had long been an inspiration for the band. The band also attracted the ears of like-minded musician Zach Phillips, a former member of the same wildly creative scene in Brattleboro, Vermont that birthed such high-quality bands as King Tuff, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Chris Weisman, and his own band, Blanche Blanche Blanche, among many others. Mr. Phillips issued the 4-song "Crash On My Heart" as a cassingle on his Brooklyn, NY based OSR Tapes label. The Memories third album, an 8-song LP called "Touch By An Angel", was pressed by Lolipop Records, a label based in Los Angeles (the city that had by that point become the adopted home of The Memories). In October 2014 their 4th album "Hot Afternoon" will be released on LP/CD/CS by Burger Records. It is the first album by The Memories recorded with a producer (Sonny Smith of Sonny & The Sunsets) and was tracked in San Rafael, California.
well, where do I begin? I guess it all started when we where all born in the back room of an outback steakhouse in 1998, well sam was born in 2000, but I'd like to think he was born there with me(charlie) maxx and aaron. Any who, years later when aaron was living in clairmont, he felt something was missing in his life, and he was feeling pretty down for a couple weeks until he got a call from his old pal maxx who he met one day at the bombay bicycle club fan club, which only consisted of maxx and aaron, and sam was there because maxx brought him along. So maxx called aaron one day saying that he had a hankering for some sound playing, so maxx aaron sam and their pal charlie headed over to sams mansion in the hills of africa and the magic of noise was created. 25 years has passed since that day and the guys are still jammin hard, well kinda hard, actually pretty melo, but stiill, they had a crazy wild show at the guitar merchant!!

yeah so thats just the short story of a quirky silly girly funk band from outback steakhouse!
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042