Litronix Record Release Party

The Hi Hat & LA Record Present

Litronix Record Release Party

Alina Bea, Avi Buffalo

Thu · July 27, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

LA native Kevin Litrow's "LITRONIX" is a one-man music machine.

Technologically based off the roots of repetition through high-tech loop pedals, Kevin creates pop structures coloring the songs with dynamic layers of warm analog synthesizers, micro tonally open tuned guitar, bass heavy polyrhythmic electronic beats and soulful vocal melodies on top. The beats are created from either beat boxing, drum machines, or just experimenting with what toys or instruments are around at the time. The vocals are what drive the soul of the sound and command the listener to either think deep or dance hard. Each song has it's own character and is it's own painting with it's own subject. Every subject has a deep meaning or a story to tell.

Litronix is much different than a DJ. When performing live, the beats are sent separately through a PA system while most of the other loops are sent through tube amps. The sound is delivered as if there are multiple band members. And watching Litronix perform live is a spectacle, as Kevin is an experienced true performer / singer / dancer.

In the past, Kevin has been the sole creator of bands such as "Dance Disaster Movement" Released on Steve Aoki's Dimmak Records and 60 Watt Kid. He has shared the stage and toured extensively with acts such as Ariel Pink, Broadcast, The Kills, The Gossip, Peaches, Blood Brothers, Ian MacKaye, Prince Rama, Blok Party, Best Coast, Mum.
Alina Bea
Alina Bea
Alina Cutrono draws on dark and confessional subject matter for her forthcoming debut EP as Alina Bea, "Live Undone." In the wake of a cataclysmic life change resulting from the end of a five-year relationship and the dissolution of her beloved band Body Parts, "Live Undone" is an exclamation of shocked loss and an empowered scream of defiance, with an adventurous electronic pop palette that calls to mind Kate Bush, St. Vincent and Empress Of.

Born into a family of artists in Venice, CA, Alina took to performance early on, particularly music and movement. She picked up the guitar at age 6, received a formal modern dance education, and later joined an all-female circus sideshow troupe (breathing fire, walking on broken glass, eating worms) while playing in countless bands. Most notably, this included a four-year stint co-fronting cerebral L.A. pop outfit Body Parts (Father/Daughter Records) as singer and guitarist. The band was widely lauded, with Buzzbands LA naming Body Parts' debut album "Fire Dream" the best album released by a Los Angeles artist in 2013.

But just as Body Parts began to transition from local favorite to national breakout band, the unthinkable became the inevitable, and the group broke up – just as Alina's longterm relationship with her boyfriend also unraveled.

Years later, following stints playing with a variety of indie and major label bands, Alina finally has a solo debut, the EP "Live Undone." The record draws on the vocal acrobatics of Kate Bush, the raw confessions of Joni Mitchell, and the sonic wanderings of Bjork and St. Vincent. As aurally expansive and daring as the lyrics are incisive and personal, Alina's songs, vocals, and guitar are bolstered by producer Mike Richardson's clattering electronic percussion and dense walls of synthesizers. Alina's confessional lyrics and confrontational vocal delivery are a series of emotional signposts along a surprisingly and fascinating sonic landscape.
Avi Buffalo
Avi Buffalo
Avi Buffalo is known in the world of Indie Rock for his emotionally-driven songs and explosive guitar playing. Accompanied by a slew of skilled musicians as his live band, Avi Buffalo brings to the stage an unprecedented presence of taste and excitement to classic yet contemporary experimental songwriting in today's world of music, while leaving the abyss of the human condition gaping for all to existentially ponder their unknown musical soul.
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