Former Faces EP Release

Former Faces EP Release

Greyface, Ghost Pavilion

Mon · June 5, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Former Faces
Former Faces
Ryan Parmenter’s latest project, Former Faces, is a study in dreams and memories crossing paths. The Silverlake-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist creates fluid cerebral sounds reminiscent of Tame Impala, The War On Drugs, Jim James, and Deerhunter, to name a few.

After putting the finishing touches on his self-written and self-produced work, Parmenter has enlisted the help of David Lee (guitar), Brian Blake (bass), and Abraham Kim (drums) to shape his live act, which aims to bring a complete audiovisual performance to the stage. Organically exploring the relationship between reality and the subconscious, it’s a collection of sonic dreamscapes that shrink and blur the line between the two.

From airy indie-style tracks to songs born from more psychedelic roots, the Former Faces sound takes inspiration from a wide range of genres that have informed Parmenter’s years of songwriting experience. Inventive, colorful, and immersive, Former Faces is an authentically multidimensional journey through music.
Justin Taylor, Ryan Malina and Julien Bellin are longtime friends who originally met in the Florida scene in the 1990s. Their exploits since have been many and diverse: In recent years Taylor fronted the art-rock band Black& (Black Sand) and the electro trio Jutty Ranx, who this summer released the best dance-pop album not enough people heard. Both Malina, a multi-instrumentalist/producer, and drummer Bellin have played in myriad bands in L.A. and elsewhere. Now their paths have crossed again, leading the trio back to guitar-driven alt-rock as Greyface. They’ve been working on batch of songs that range from space-rock to crunchy power-pop to grungey anthems. All hail the power of the guitar? Greyface’s first single “What Did You Lose?” abides, complete with a neurotic spoken-word bridge. They hope to have an album released by March."-Kevin Bronson,
Ghost Pavilion
Ghost Pavilion
James Higgs' solo project, Ghost Pavilion, takes his new wave sensibilities and puts a fresh coat of paint on synth-laden dream pop. A Proper Opinion quotes Higgs as saying he “ tend[s] to gravitate towards lush arrangements with cool, jazzy timbres and disco-esque tempos. 7th chords have always been my thing”. James' previous band Spanish Prisoners have played with the likes of DIIV, Freelance Whales, and Youth Lagoon. Ghost Pavilion's second EP, Oblivion, is set to be released later this summer.

Higgs tracked Oblivion (and his last EP, Traces) at home and at The Seaside Lounge Recording Studios in Brooklyn where he worked as an engineer (The National, St. Vincent and Paul Banks of Interpol have recorded there). This allowed him to utilize the benefits of a studio and develop a methodical songwriting approach.

"It was an environment where experimentation flourished,' says Higgs. "Some ideas bloomed immediately, others came slowly over the years, the rest were destroyed or put off into the distance only to return later as a small dot over the horizon. Many songs were rebuilt over and over again in an effort to discover their ideal form. Progress was slow. It came in waves of creativity, along with accommodating the unexpected twists and turns of life.

The songs came naturally to Higgs when working on Traces in 2014, but that was an easier time. Shortly after returning to Los Angeles from his time in New York, Higgs found his grandfather and childhood dog were reaching their respective ends. He returned home to confront his own mortality through the deaths of those he cared about. Memories of these once vibrant family members were still fresh in Higgs’ mind when he began work on Oblivion.

Where Traces was fluid and rhythmic, Oblivion reflects a much more bleak soundscape, one with rougher edges, yet more substantial than any previous tracks he's written.

"The themes of the songs revolve around around loss and mortality, says Higgs. "They stand as a testament to the fight against the inevitable and longing for something that used to be."

Following the ashes of Higgs' critically acclaimed band Spanish Prisoners, he relocated from New York City to his hometown of Los Angeles in 2013. He credits this move as the motivation behind Traces, and kicking off Ghost Pavilion as a project. He felt a creative freedom that he couldn't find with Spanish Prisoners.

"There's a certain creativity that comes from a democratic four piece band," says Higgs, "but you have to negotiate with three other equally opinionated band members. I love the freedom to do whatever I want with this project."

Michael Disanto of the New York band, The Can’t Tells, and Higgs’ former bandmate in Spanish Prisoners, mixed Traces and Oblivion. Disanto also contributed drum tracks and overdubs on the recordings. The EP was mastered by Nashville legend John Baldwin (Neil Young, Jesus Lizard, Sly Stone).

The visual aesthetic of the band mirrors the sleek production and minimal backdrops used to create Ghost Pavilion’s sound. The visuals evolved from the long-term collaboration of Higgs and visual artist, Adam Guzman. Guzman currently provides the visual content for many high-profile clients such as Nosaj Thing, Timetable Records, and Toro y Moi.

Ghost Pavilion is currently planning a summer tour to support the release of Oblivion.
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042