HyperExtension showcase ft. Ora The Molecule, STAL, DYAN

HyperExtension showcase ft. Ora The Molecule, STAL, DYAN

STAL, Dyan

Thu ยท January 26, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Ora The Molecule
Ora The Molecule
Ora The Molecule is an LA-based retro electronica pop group consisting of Norwegian born singer/songwriter, Nora Schjelderup, and Japanese born electronica producer, Ichi Suezawa. Nora and Ichi met as ghostwriters for an EDM artist at a songwriting session but decided to collaborate together instead of selling their souls to the EDM club scene in LA. Their project embodies an alien observing human behavior, hence the title of their upcoming debut album, Human Safari, due out early next year.
Despite still being in his twenties multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Pierre-Marie Maulini has already enjoyed an enviable career. Born and raised in the South of France where he first cut his musical teeth performing with his brother in the band A Red Season Shade, Maulini would go on to write for and produce artists such as VV Brown and notably spend more than two years on the road as part of M83 following the hugely successful 'Saturdays = Youth' album.

Having toured the world, Maulini returned to Paris in 2012 inspired to once again focus on his own music and start work on what would soon become STAL. Fusing blissful electronica, cinematic post-rock with a pop sensibility Maulini set about pouring his life's experience into music. The resulting debut album recorded in Paris and Brussels and produced by Maulini himself is a serious statement of intent, Everything about this album is big, the ambition, the sheer scale of it, but importantly 'Young Hearts' reveals that Maulini also understands that for music to be more than just something to admire from a distance it must also speak to us on a more intimate level. Time and time again, just when the sheer size of it all, the massed wall of sound threatens to overwhelm you, when the prettiness becomes too much to contain and collapse upon itself like a supernova he brings it back down to an intimate, hushed moment, revealing the humanity at the heart of the dizzying spectacle.
'Meet DYAN. The buzzy new synth pop act, comprised of film composer duo Alexis & Sam (a.k.a Alexis Marsh and Samuel Jones) and Dan Dorff Jr., has been steadily on the rise since their singles "Days Upon Days" and "Looking for Knives" first lit up the hype machine in recent months.

The duo have worked on the project since 2012, with Marsh writing all of the songs and co-producing alongside Jones. They teamed up with Dorff, who was part of Jim James' solo band and also appeared on Ray Lamontagne's Ouroboros, in the final stages of recording at La La Land Studio in Louisville, KY.' --Billboard
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042