Weston Smith, Ember Knight, Nadu, Modpods

Weston Smith

Ember Knight, Nadu, Modpods

Ages 21+
Weston Smith + Ember Knight at the Hi Hat!

Weston Smith (Phoenix)

Weston Smith is a Phoenix-based experimental synth pop wizard crafting electrically charged songs from the forest floor. Weston has played with notable artists such as Shamir, Lawrence Rothman, Wild Ones, Arlie, and Plastic Picnic. His latest album, Mirror World dives into a realm coated in heartbreak, earthly destruction, and human imperfection — a place longing for peace only to receive punishment.

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Ember Knight

Ember Knight is an LA-based collective chronicling the semi-true adventures of Ember Knight (the person). With a rotating lineup of musicians, dancers, and puppeteers, the story is told of a young woman institutionalized for not knowing her favorite color. Heavily influenced by George Gershwin, traditional sea shanties, Kate Bush, and the Beach Boys (not mike), they are set to release their sophomore record 'Cheryl' this summer.

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Nadu is a man and a band - the brash DIY surfy project of LA-based garage punk rocker, Nader Islam. Originally a native of Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nader immigrated to Texas as a kid and served time in corporate jobs before quitting cold turkey to pursue music. Nader is the singer/bassist/drummer/guitarist on record, and live he is joined by Nadine Torres (The Groans, Garbitchx) and Kenny Esparza (Kenny On The Moon).

Nadu came together just after Nader moved to Los Angeles and started recording bedroom sessions. These sessions made up the debut EP 'Determinator' which was released in February 2017. Since then Nadu has been playing Los Angeles non-stop along with West Coast and Midwest hops - clocking in at more than 60+ shows. A 2nd EP followup 'Determinator II' is set to be out in April 2020.

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ModPods are a post-punk, electro-dance trio fronted by Myriad Slits. Mindee Jorgensen and Daniel Guzman trade between bass, drums and guitar interweaving live instrumental energy with Myriad’s erratic electronic beats, powerful vocals and cutting lyrics. This creates a unique and dynamic live show.

Influenced by Wynne Greenwood, Talking Heads, B-52s, Radiohead, The Slits, Melvins, and Xray Spex, ModPods create controlled danceable chaos of computer beats, effected guitars, deep bass and hard drums.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042