Wave Action, Shaki Tavi, Deep Fields, The Shaking Hands

Wave Action

Shaki Tavi, Deep Fields, The Shaking Hands

Ages 21+
Wave Action (PDX) + Shaki Tavi at the Hi Hat!

Wave Action (Portland, OR)

"Portland's Wave Action seizes the indelible motion of surf music. Melodically, the band finds kindred spirits in Joy Division's more rambunctious moments and the Cure's pop sensibilities with Wave Action song titles like Dreams and Emaciation." -Portland Mercury

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Shaki Tavi

Los Angeles Shoegazers

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Deep Fields

OC’s lush kingpin DEEP FIELDS blast their softly heavy power pomp into your hair sphere, taking your life and reimbursing your soul for its weight, on the colorful scales of exotic mercy, or sea-a-beagu.

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The Shaking Hands

The Shaking Hands first assembled in LA’s San Fernando Valley in 2016, a year with over 7000s recorded fires in California. Drawing from the language of road signs, the hypnotizing red glow of brake lights stretching into the horizon and the remarks of passersby, imperfection is the natural law by which this band abides. What would power lines tell you if they had a human voice? Can the Valley get any hotter before it simply evaporates?

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042