Vanna Oh!, Suzie True, Sad Park

Vanna Oh!

Suzie True, Sad Park

Ages 21+
Vanna Oh! w/ Suzie True at the Hi Hat!

Vanna Oh!

Vanna Oh! is a rock-and-roll queen who blends the brazen and infectious movement of the genre with a modern, feminine twist. Vanna Oh! mixes the American staples--blues, punk, country, and jazz--to pay homage to the last century of rock-and-roll evolution. She uses the electric guitar as a tool of empowerment for a gender left out of much of rock-and-roll history, and wields it deftly to create dynamic rhythms and ear-catching hooks. Her vocals soar from whispers to all-out guttural screams as she calls for social evolution and vocalizes the rock-and-roll story from a feminine point of view

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Suzie True

Suzie True is a cry baby pop punk band whose goal is to have you crying about your crush in the mosh pit. Describing themselves as “if The Powerpuff Girls started a Blink 182 cover band,” the LA based power pop trio takes inspiration from Britney Spears, Hole, and anything off any of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtracks. Suzie True uses dreamy vocal harmonies to tell stories about work crushes, making bad decisions involving boys who skate, addiction, and coming out over a driving rhythm section and angsty guitar riffs. The band released their debut EP "Nothing to You" on Buzz Records in 2018 and plans on releasing their first full length album "Saddest Girl at the Party" in spring 2020.

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Sad Park

Sad Park is a band.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042