Ugly Sweaters Single Release w/ Huntch, Unlucky Sonny, Spooky Mansions
Presented by Beating Lights

Ugly Sweaters

Huntch, Unlucky Sonny, Spooky Mansion

Ages 21+
Beating Lights presents Ugly Sweaters (single release)

Ugly Sweaters (single release)

Raised in Zimbabwe, schooled in Australia and living in Los Angeles, Ugly Sweaters is the musical melding of Mandla Daley and his three best friends Claire Daley, Alex Pfender (yOya) and Ian Meltzer (Valley Boy).

Mandla started out by singing in choirs in rural Southern Africa. When his family moved to the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia he found the best way to make friends was to start a band.

After another major geographical shift to study in Southern California, Mandla started Ugly Sweaters with Claire, Alex and Ian, in an effort to create a genuinely fun live band experience. As @BadAssBandsLA once wrote about them: "Musical chaos definitely describes badasses Ugly Sweaters, and if you’ve never seen these high energy, indie pop rock shredders, …you should probably come get wild with ‘em!“

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Unlucky Sonny

Unlucky Sonny began in Brayden Wiggins’ bedroom as a solo project supported by a laptop and a single microphone. Now appearing for the first time in HD, this band has more people and more stuff.

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Huntch (single release)


Spooky Mansions

Four men with no regard for paying rent on time or maintaining decent jobs. No long lasting relationships in the world or meaningful contact with their families. No prospects, plans, or dreams. Only their music, and even their music is not that good.

It’s good enough though!

So come join Grayson, Rob, Marty, and Braden at a Spooky show near you and you can Rock n Roll with All Your Best Friends!

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042