The Rifle, Foxx Bodies, Creature of Doom

The Rifle

Foxx Bodies, Creature of Doom

Ages 21+
The Rifle, Foxx Bodies, and Creature of Doom at the Hi Hat!

The Rifle

Hailing largely from the West Coast, the band formed in Tucson, enduring life-ending summers and respite monsoons. The Rifle has roots in bedroom solitude, taking days when you never leave the house and putting them to music. So in good fashion, they decided to make beaches in the desert, and carved themselves a home on a tiny grain of sand, hoping the waves don’t crash too close to shore.

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Foxx Bodies

Foxx Bodies represents a new direction of punk/politically-driven music—a sound which is urgent, clever, energetic.

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Creature of Doom

On his debut project Tears of Joy, L.A.-based artist Creature of Doom performs a sort of musical alchemy, lending new emotional texture to our most self-sabotaging impulses.

“The idea for Creature of Doom is all about not being able to get out of your own way,” says New York-bred singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist David Baldwin, who’s also a member of Brooklyn-bred indie-rock band The Dig. “It’s about being able to laugh at that and celebrate it, instead of just wallowing in it.”

In bringing Tears of Joy to life, Baldwin recorded and produced every track on his own, mining inspiration from artists as eclectic as The Stooges and Frank Sinatra. Mixed by producer/engineer Ali Chant (Perfume Genius, Soccer Mommy, Aldous Harding), the result is strangely exhilarating and endlessly unpredictable form of alt-pop, imbued with equal parts dramatic grandeur and raw emotional honesty.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042