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The Happy Fits and Deal Casino with Dan & Drum at the Hi Hat

The Happy Fits: Fencing champion Ross Monteith and orchestra nerd Calvin Langman didn't exactly get along in high school. However, a chance conversation about the success of Youtube cover bands brought the two together to pave a road to quick fortune. Their mix of rocking guitars and electric cello created a unique dynamic, blending their love of rock artists like The Black Keys and folk bands like The Violent Femmes. Working on covers grew tiresome, and an emotional break-up soon inspired them to write their first song together. The resulting music produced a youthful and chaotic frenzy of catchy melodies and raw instrumentals. When the band recruited professional gamer Luke Davis to join the band on drums, The Happy Fits were born.

In 2018 the band released their debut Album “Concentrate” Independently, working with Pledge Music, VNYL, The Syndicate and Tell All Your Friends PR. They embarked on two successfully Full US Tour which culminated in December selling out the 500 Cap Venue “House of Independents” in Asbury Park NJ.

Deal Casino: Deal Casino has been soundtracking the comeback story of Asbury Park since 2013. A New Jersey beach town that once looked all but lost, after years of economic depression and the devastating wrath of Hurricane Sandy, Asbury has become the sort of underdog story that people write movies about. Its music scene is proof that there is hope for the future of rock and roll, and Deal Casino is at the center of it.

With 3 out of the 4 band members playing together since they were in elementary school, they might as well be a family. When they found their drummer, the band’s work ethic kicked into high gear. They helped to build a local studio, and worked for recording time to get their first EP done. They spent every waking hour writing and recording and learning. They sharpened their skills on stage playing residencies at every small venue in Asbury Park, and a few in Manhattan and Philadelphia.

Their classic rock influences-Led Zeppelin for guitar tone, The Band for harmonies, Pink Floyd for studio techniques, the Who for melody—have informed every decision in their writing.

Process-wise, the band is more like the Grateful Dead, living in a house together where they write and practice daily and they work just to afford to keep their music habit going. Their first record evokes the alt-pop of artists like Oasis and Kings of Leon, but as they prepare to release their second LP, they have moved into bold new sonic territory, evoking psych elements of Tame Impala and the moodier indie sounds of Modest Mouse and The National. They revere classic recording techniques—analog devices, tape, real guitars and real drums, 4 part harmonies—and they embrace electronics, with modular synths everywhere and samples artfully placed in their records and live sets.

The band has developed these sounds over the course of the last 5 years, releasing their self-titled first LP in summer of 2017. Their second LP, entitled LLC, comes out between September and November. Engineered and produced by Erik Kase Romero of The Front Bottoms, the album is the result of a winter retreat to Fidelitorium Studios in North Carolina. The band locked themselves away for weeks and created what became a completely new direction for their sound.

Dan & Drum: Dan and Drum are two squinty, straw-chewing boys from the shrubby suburbs of Los Angeles. They met in preschool, and, somehow immediately, forged a bond of stable and productive partnership. Becoming half-formed, fundamentally decent kids, they used music to pass the time and process life in an honest way. Then, Dan moved away, forcing them to send unfinished tracks back and forth. It was as if they were working on the same love letter. They released their debut, Growl Pop, in Feb. 2017, and thanks to some fans on youtube, they earned a million plays on Spotify within the first 6 months. As an unsigned band, they were nonetheless praised by outlets like LA Record and Wild Honey Pie for their gummy, sticky bass lines underpinning an elastic vocal, alternately agile and throaty rich. Best exemplified by songs like Lester, their music is jangling acoustics over an 808 thump, where there are inside jokes told in outside voices. They do it to amuse themselves.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042