The Absurd, The Oil Barons, Millionette, Karma Vulture

The Absurd

The Oil Barons, Millionette, Karma Vulture

Ages 21+
The Absurd w/ Oil Barons + Millionette at the Hi Hat!

The Absurd

Lighting up stages across LA and beyond, The Absurd are a thunderous rock n roll power-trio in the vein of bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and The Doors. Psychedelic but grungy, melodic with a punk attitude, these Detroit natives bring a modern take to the rock ethos with an intensely energetic live show and bold, fearless artistic perspective. Their debut album “Build the Wall” earned them the ire of many, but gained them an immensely successful residency at The Satellite in Silverlake, with Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.LA commenting that it’s as if “a blast of guitar could blow red hats off heads and into the abyss.” Dangerously provocative, undeniably catchy and relentlessly hardworking, The Absurd are celebrating the release of their single “Whiskey & Razorwire (Get Over It),” the second single from their second full-length album “The Sun Still Rises,” out later this year.

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The Oil Barons

The Oil Barons are committed to giving you and your family the loudest, sludgiest stoner rock available.

It’s a doomy western flavor, broh. You’ll dig it. Don’t even trip.

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Millionette is a local rock band formed by members of Blackbird Days and He-Monster. They have recently begun recording their debut EP with Norm Block at Happy Ending Studios in Silver Lake. The EP also promises tracks recorded by Alain Johannes at 11AD Studios. A band of friends and family, Millionette makes music that sounds like a million different thoughts packed into one gut-punch.

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Karma Vulture

Dark, stoner vibes and blunt yet expressive lyrics permeate the music of Karma Vulture, a heavy rock three-piece whose members come to Los Angeles via Lexington, Philadelphia and Detroit. Fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath will appreciate the hard rock vibes of this intensely heavy band, who abide by the motto “LOUD AS F*CK.” An electric, all-engaging live show has earned them performances at esteemed LA venues The Satellite, The Troubadour, and most of the seediest dive bars in town. Unable to deliver anything other than the real deal, Karma Vulture will be rejoicing the release of their live album “LIVE AS F*CK,” the first album from the band recorded here in LA at The Satellite

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042