Tan Cologne, Grant Earl Lavalley, Glances, DJ JK

Tan Cologne

Grant Earl Lavalley, Glances, DJ JK

Ages 21+
Tan Cologne at the Hi Hat!

Tan Cologne

TAN COLOGNE is the new project of Lauren Green (ex Mirror Travel) and interdisciplinary artist Marissa Macias formed in Taos, New Mexico. Creating their own experience of sonic space waves‭, ‬Tan Cologne feels like diving into a secret pool‭, where Mazzy Star and CAN surf together on silky waves of sand dunes‭. ‬In performance with a full band‭, ‬Tan Cologne explores the dynamics of floating‭, ‬through dreamy double vocals‭, ‬swirling guitars‭, ‬and rhythmic woven textures‭.‬ Tan Cologne will release their debut album Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico in 2020 through Sweden's Labrador Records. Cave Vaults on the Moon in New Mexico is a story of time capsules and contact‭; ‬examining fossilized terrains‭, ‬monsoons‭, ‬New Age dreams‭, ‬alien visitations‭, ‬resurrected communes‭, ‬and the life cycle of a human ego on Earth‭. Coming off their first tour playing Levitation Festival and shows in Mexico City, Tan Cologne will usher in their debut album with a California tour.

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Grant Earl Lavalley

Grant Earl Lavalley is an American singer-songwriter. Ohio’s misfit son exposed to harsher California desert landscapes delivers on the long lost love letters you waited for at the mailbox all of those years. Hoping for a promise of return, you receive word of yet another lonely voyage. Are you remembered? Isolation waters the fertile land stretching out in all directions. LaValley’s unapologetic crooning calls the banshees back from the frozen wilderness and welcomes them into his modest desert cabin.

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Glances is a recording project out of Los Angeles. The aim is to shed light on atmospheres and sentiments that are usually cursory.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042