Sleeplust, The Born Love, Sorry Party (EP Release), FYONHA
The Hi Hat & KROQ Present


The Born Love

Ages 21+
Sleeplust at The Hi Hat with The Born Love, Sorry Party (EP Release) and FYONHA

Sleeplust (LA): Sleeplust is the brain child of twin brothers Michael and Joseph Pepe and vocalist Amber Ruthe after a chance encounter on Craigslist. Moody electronics, spacious guitars, and modern pop rhythms all make up the ground work of the band. Since releasing their music they've had features in Billboard Magazine, Huffington Post along with TV placements on channels such as MTV, VH1, and E, along with an accumulation of over a million plays of their last two EPs on digital platforms. It’s honest music that they hope will find a way into your heart.

Sorry Party: Sorry Party is an anti-pop parade that ushers in a gut punch of big riffs and emotionally charged lyrics disguised as catchy indie rock songs. In some parts of the LA based 4 piece's set you'll feel a buzzing sense of joy, the vibrance of the crowd around you brimming with sexiness and confidence, but in some parts you'll fear your mortality and miss your family and friends.

The Born Love: Welcome to The Born Love’s world - for as modern as it might be, it’s also refreshingly classic. Upheld by pillars of clean guitar, blanketed by swaths of heavenly vocals, and bridged by echoes of synth reverberations, the songs intentionally deepen, darken, and diversify pop music. The duo, Kevin Daniel and Aron Forbes, imbue fresh futurism into universally catchy songwriting.

Cooking up what would become the independent Badlands EP, the boys unveiled the namesake single via an exclusive Billboard premiere. It quickly soared to #15 on Spotify’s Top 50 US Viral Chart, and graced the Indie Pop and Discover Weekly playlists in addition to hitting Top 10 on Hypemachine. Indietronica, Indie Shuffle, Discobelle, and more became early champions as the group continued composing new tunes.

KROQ’s Kat Corbett championed the band by playing “Badlands” on her Locals Only show, which lead to 6 weeks at #1. Shortly after, “Badlands made it’s radio debut on San Francisco’s ALT 105.3 introduced by tastemaker DJ Dallas Osborn. Producing and penning for other artists keeps the pair busy from all angles while they’re hard at work on new music and perfecting their live show. With an undercurrent wave and buzz building for The Born Love, they’re staying focused on creating a deeper connection with fans through the music. Haunting and emotional, ethereal and accessible, even now it’s clear to see this band is playing for arenas. -Rick Florino

FYOHNA: FYOHNA is a numbpop trio from the wild edges of California—music of mountain trout and ash trees as much as it’s music of flirtation and rejection. With rushing, sanguine production and vocals like four scoops of Cherry Garcia, the group’s new batch of glittertrap songs nourish and neutralize. Following the release of their 2017 EP, FYOHNA garnered attention of Bea Miller and Allie X, sharing the stage as an opening act for the pop icons.

The L.A.-based electronic trio (Katarina Gleicher, Elliot Glasser, and Hayley Brownell) have followed up their eponymous 2017 debut E.P. with another great helping of pop songwriting and syrupy synths. In fact, the three Californians (Topanga, Redlands, Fresno) are a recent formation, in that Brownell did not join the project until 2019. Now FYOHNA’s ghoulishly sweet sound has expanded, or perhaps begun sucking us in like a quick pit of sugar.

Throughout these forthcoming new tracks, the group charts some wild musical landscapes. Were we to pigeon-hole FYOHNA, we’d seek semi-demonic sonic poplitter or sneaktrip or gothic heart trap. The words “rosé” and “woozy” come to mind. Maybe it’s emotogroove songwriting in a bubblewrap of sympathetic synths. Maybe it’s the remnants of wonkypop whisked to a fine softwary gruel and poured through the sieve of Aughts Affective Disorder. All that’s obvious is that it’s catchy and somehow heart-wrenching, as if everyone who listens falls into and out of love at the same time.

Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042