Peg Leg Love, Creature of Doom, Cosmic Kitten, Dean Decay

Peg Leg Love

Creature of Doom, Cosmic Kitten, Dean Decay

Ages 21+
Peg Leg Love + Creature of Doom w/ Cosmic Kitten and Dean Decay at the Hi Hat!

Peg Leg Love

PEG LEG LOVE started in 2005 by songwriter, singer and guitarist, IlirZeneli. Current drummer, Rocio Galindo (Joined in 2014). Current bass player, Adriel Mederos joined in 2020 PEG LEG LOVE ’s name comes from the name of a character who appeared in the Dimestore Pulp-Western novel, “Law Rides the Range” PEG LEG LOVE has since, released 7 full length albums, a 4 song EP , and a live split record "Hail To The Outsiders" 12 Inch Vinyl Split - available at Deathwave Records and recorded at Space Claremont . PLL Self titled 7'' INCH EP 4 SONG 33RPM - which is now sold out PLL has toured Denmark, Japan, Germany, East Coast U.S., Sweden and Norway. Their sound is comparable to early garage/punk acts such as The Cramps, The Birthday Party, and The Gun Club, think Post punk with danceable pounding drums, a reverb surfing guitar, and some lugubrious vocals. It’s the sound of L.A. with the right amount of darkness and pop.


Cosmic Kitten

The two-piece Los Angeles alternative-rock band Cosmic Kitten formed in 2016 are like a time capsule to the era of 90’s grunge. Karen Marie, the voice of the stellar kitty band, fluctuates from timid, shy girl to hardcore rock star in a blink of an eye. taking you on an auditory journey through emotions and stories backed by a gorgeous guitar and loud, driving drums by Zach Huckabee.

They have released 3 full length albums, along with 1 cover album in line with their musical influences. The release of their second album, “Be Nice to Strangers,” was supported and praised among the local LA scene for its heavy-hitting yet meaningful hooks and lyrics. It wasn’t until their 3rd release in 2018, “Lobotomy,” that motivated them to venture on their first West Coast Tour.

After going into the studio to record their 4th album with engineer Ulysses Noriega (“Smash” by The Offspring), Cosmic Kitten set foot on their very first month-long US tour in September 2019 in support of their previous albums. As they move into 2020 with a new album in hand set to be released later in the year with the support of another tour, Cosmic Kitten continues to make a splash in the LA and OC scene at its most well-known venues.

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Dean Decay

Dean Decay is a Los Angeles based Post-Punk band lead by Daniel Dvorak; born in Mexico and raised in California. Dean Decay started as a solo-project in 2019 with the album 'Hot Take' that streams on all platforms. Since then, Dean Decay has grown into a full band of five including: Connor Ford (guitar), Rick Garcia (keyboard), Ketzal Mejia (bass), and Garrett Fisher (drums). The band draws from New Wave style bands such as 'The Cure,' 'Talking Heads,' and 'Joy Division' and has been playing all over California with a bright future.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd

Los Angeles, CA, 90042