Patio, Cheekface, First Ever Boys



Ages 21+
New York's Patio visits The Hi Hat with local pals Cheekface and the debut of Lauren Bruer's new band First Ever Boys!

Patio (New York): Patio formed four years ago when non-musician Loren DiBlasi met actual musician Lindsey-Paige McCloy, and a simple joke about outdoor day drinking turned into a real-life band. The duo was soon joined by Alice Suh, a college friend of McCloy’s who had recently started drum lessons. Inspired by classic British post-punk, the songwriting of Cate LeBon, and the close-knit Brooklyn DIY community from which the band first sprouted, Patio released their long-awaited debut full-length Essentials on April 5, 2019.

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Cheekface (LA): Cheekface is a rock combo from Los Angeles made up of guitarist and singing person Greg Katz, bassist and other singing person Amanda Tannen, and drummer Mark "Echo" Edwards. Inspired by the great American talk-singers like Jonathan Richman, Stephen Malkmus and Lou Reed, and British indie rock bands like Wire and The Fall, Cheekface released their first single "Glendale" in 2018, a song Indie Shuffle lauded as "an art-pop gem." Following what The Line Of Best Fit called "a stream of instant-classic singles," the band's debut LP Therapy Island materialized in spring of 2019 on the New Professor label. Post-Trash called the album "extremely charming and catchy," and Punk News said it's "a perplexing, rewarding experience." A groundswell of support for the album led the band to issue it on vinyl in October 2019, a pressing that quickly sold out.

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First Ever Boys (LA): First Ever Boys is Lo Bru, G Pro, and J Villa. We are in fact the first boys ever. Any previous boys have been a misunderstanding or even fraud. We are pop punk adjacent and we like to complain. A 5 song EP called I Feel Like You’re Mad At Me is coming out in January. We love you?

Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042