Opus Vitae EP Release Party with Trapdoor Social, Coby Brown
The Hi Hat & KROQ Locals Only Present

Opus Vitae EP Release Party with Trapdoor Social, Coby Brown

Trapdoor Social
Ages 18+
Opus Vitae EP Release Party with Trapdoor Social and Coby Brown plus special Art Show for Highland Park Art Walk at The Hi Hat!

Opus Vitae (LA): Opus Vitae (meaning life’s work) is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist / singer Banah Winn. Inspired by Kevin Parker (Tame Impala) Winn takes the same approach of composing, and recording solo. His latest effort, a 14 song collection called “Gramercy” is a real time autobiography of a year. A fluid narrative in which each song seeks to capture the emotion or feeling of a moment in time.

Erupting after a year of depression, the record takes on a bare all flavor where a range of themes are explored like; dealing mentally ill people who have power over you, sex as a way to avoid the pain of life, melancholy / nostalgia for a broken childhood, falling in love while being completely heartbroken at the same time, anger towards men from a female perspective / in conjunction with his own “me too” moment, and wake a the fuck up we’re destroying the world plea. Winn who grew up in Portland Oregon, the son of hippie parents struggled to find his own voice after the generation of rebellion and excess. In Gramercy his decision to tackle his own truth unapologetically exposes his focus and range. As a troubled, broken and lost individual he finds his place in acceptance of just that. Where empathy for those marginalized and the thoughtless consumption of the world is reflected with anger and the knowledge that there are some pains a white man can only imagine or speak to.

Winn who now lives in Los Angeles recognizes the insanity of the city, and the world at large. Where he keeps himself clinging to reality and stability by facing such themes in his songwriting, doing yoga every single day, and blabbering about it to anyone who will listen, or is just nice enough not to slowly back away.

Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042