Object As Subject, The Groans, Boy Deluxe

Object As Subject

The Groans, Boy Deluxe

Ages 21+
Object As Subject, The Groans, and Boy Deluxe at the Hi Hat!

Object As Subject

OBJECT AS SUBJECT is an LA-based art punk band led by classical violinist turned punk singer, Paris Hurley (composition, vox, drums, dance // Kultur Shock). This feminist battle cry is a call to action fueled by raw wailing vocals, a barrage of floor toms, gritty bass riffs, and exacting choreography that shifts from explicit gestural iterations to relentless phrases of wild abandon, featuring Emilia "Pony Sweat" Richeson (dance, drums, vox), Bree Tomás (bass // Royalties), Krissy Barker (vox, bass, synth bass // She is Haunted), and Angie Scarpa (drums // Black Sabbitch).

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The Groans

Don’t let the glitter in their faces distract you from the fires in their eyes! The Groans formed in 2015 when they noticed a lack of representation in their local scene. Since then they have curated events with marginalized artists to raise awareness and funds for local organizations. The Groans sing songs about police brutality, fighting depression, street harassment, and why dogs don’t deserve to have nightmares. Catch these fabulous punks near you!

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Boy Deluxe

Boy Deluxe is the new project from the members of Ever So Android. After relocating from Seattle to LA, new landscapes and new inspiration led to gradual transformations within the project. Through all of the evolution, Boy Deluxe came to be. A new take on their punk inspired electronica/future pop, BAIT is their first single to be released February 22nd of 2020.


Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042