motherMACHINE, FriendlyBear, North by North, Desert of Talking Shadows
The Hi Hat and Badass Bands presents


FriendlyBear, North By North, Desert of Talking Shadows

Ages 21+
Badass Bands presents motherMACHINE at the Hi Hat!


motherMACHINE is a Los Angeles based, rock n roll band. Formed by ex-members of The Diamond Light, Mars and the Massacre, and Mowglis, motherMACHINE’s guitar-driven sonic blend is a mix of garage, punk, blues, and desert-rock.

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A return to a bygone—but by no means outdated—grunge and garage-rock sound, Los Angeles–based power trio FriendlyBear owns the stage and serves up face-melting (but friendly) rage. The band is Guy Jedidiah on guitar and lead vocals, Adam Bones on bass and backing vocals, and Megan Speer on drums and backing vocals.

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North by North

Formed in 2012, North by North is the rock & roll fever-dream of two weirdos from the south side of Chicago. Their music has been forged through years of teen angst, twenty-something alienation, sleeping in vans and living on a stage. But most importantly, this is music made under the belief that rock and roll still can unite and change lives for the better. It’s a sound glued together by syrupy hooks, roaring guitar, bombastic drums and the kind of untethered energy that has won over crowds through hundreds of shows and dozens of festivals across three countries.

To call Nate Girard (guitar, vocals) and Kendra Blank (drums) veterans of the road would be an understatement. They have toured full-time since 2016 and have played over 650 shows throughout the US, Canada and UK, all while handling their own booking, publicity and management.

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Desert of Talking Shadows

Desert of Talking Shadows is a Rock N’ Roll band from Orange County, California. It features Mikey Qubti on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Kyle Vellanoweth on Guitar, Jack Thomas on Bass, and Detrick Forster on drums. They’re a new young band that brings attitude, truth, and storytelling back to rock music. Their live show is explosive and they are not a band to be missed.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042