Love Nothing, Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold with Get Married, Sad Park
The Hi Hat, Redacted Present & Pacific Nature Present

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold

Get Married, Love Nothing, Sad Park

All Ages
Love Nothing & Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold at The Hi Hat with Get Married, Sad Park

Perspective, a Lovely Hand to Hold: “Perspective… have never been ones to hop on a bandwagon. Even on their first release, the band was clearly trying to cultivate their own power pop version of emo. Catalogued somewhere between Grown Ups and Motion City Soundtrack, the Nashua natives are back with that sound but even more ambitious on Lousy, their latest full length and first release on Lauren Records.” -Christopher Thomas (The Alternative)

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Love Nothing (Los Angeles):

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Get Married (San Jose, CA): Get Married is a criminally slept on rock and roll group from San Jose, California. Under the guise of being a big dumb rock rock band, they are anything but, with introspective songs about longing hidden beneath blaring guitar solos worthy of Jack Black’s praise. Think Elvis Costello fronting Iron Maiden with The Beach Boys thrown in for good measure.

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Sad Park (Los Angeles):


Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042