Korine, Milliken Chamber, Caress, Fighter Jets


Milliken Chamber, Caress, Fighter Jets

Ages 21+
Korine at the Hi Hat!


Korine is a Philadelphia based duo by members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye. The pair blends new wave nostalgia with a modern pop sensibility, contrasting upbeat rhythms against sullen and emotionally evocative lyrics. The duo released their debut EP “Corsage” in the fall of 2017, followed by their first full length “New Arrangements” released in 2018 by Born Losers Records.

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Milliken Chamber

Milliken Chamber is the creative project of Anna Schmidt and Kevin Czarnik. A dark wave duo, reminiscent of 80s synth pop which is filled with mood drenched electronics mixed alongside haunting and melancholic vocals. Icy and distinguishing synth leads with pounding bass lines to make you dance on a frozen lake in the dead of night. Related projects include Denim, Belladonna Grave, Forever Grey, Jane Chain, and Prudence. Upon recently moving to Los Angeles, California, Milliken Chamber released their full-length debut, Absence, on 1/28/2019.

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Caress, the LA Based solo project of Tara Jane is heavily inspired by 1980's dark wave and modern synth pop. She is best described as a blend of “haunting ethereal vocals that slither around hypnotic beats, pulsating basslines, trancey glassy synth loops, and evocative sparkling guitar melodies, exuding an eerie yet mesmerizing seductive flair impossible to resist (WL//WH Blog)."
Her debut single 'Love' was released via Manimal Vinyl November 2019, Post-Punk.com described as "rhythmically ethereal — and steeped in dreamy vintage 4AD Goth".

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Fighter Jets

Fighter Jets is an American alternative/electro/indie pop band formed in late-2015 in their grad-school dorm, hailing originally from San Francisco and currently based in Los Angeles.

Their recent single debuted on ALT105.3 FM Radio (KITS) in July 2019, and was played by DJs Aaron Axelsen & Dallas Osborn. They were later put into rotation on FM radio stations in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Fighter Jets was featured on Vehlinggo.com in May 2019, which has premiered bands like The Midnight, Chromatics, and Lakeshore Records releases.

Fighter Jets was included on the IHeartNoise 2019 Summer Sampler Compilation, and were voted the #1 New Single on Ghostpile Records’ music charts in June 2019, having also been one of the 2018 Top Tracks by Fylde Coast Radio.

They released their first official music video for "They Used to Make Out (In That Parking Lot)" in September 2019, following a virtual reality music video for “4am”.

Fighter Jets have opened for The Limousines, The Lovemakers, Death Valley High, and Silver Snakes. The latter of shows being featured on ThePRP.com

"'Alone In Our Rooms' is a multi-layered masterclass in creative synth writing. This is how you do it. This is how you stand out from the pack. This is how you raise the flag and declare this space is yours..." -James Mitchell, Echo Synthetic & Nightride.FM

“[Alone in Our Rooms] is a hit. Got it stuck in my head immediately and had to listen to it again. Killer vocals.” -Seattle Synthwave

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd

Los Angeles, CA, 90042