Kaleidoscope, P22, Chernobyl, Artificial Joy
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P22, Chernobyl, Artificial Joy

All Ages
Kaleidoscope at The Hi Hat with P22, Chernobyl, Artificial Joy

Kaleidoscope (NYC): “Of the many excellent bands to have sprung from New York City's punk scene in recent years, few have been as creative or experimental as Kaleidoscope. Taking elements of noise, aggressive hardcore, psych and jazzy flourishes, the three-piece have followed a true commitment to unique sounds and expanding their music.” - Vice

“Kaleidoscope make psychedelic punk records. They live in an apartment together somewhere in Brooklyn and share a basement studio. They have a label operation called D4MTLABSinc. They’re led by this guy named Shiva Addanki, who played guitar on some crushing, careening rippers by the excellent NYC bands Deformity, Ivy, and JJ Doll. “ - Pitchfork


P22 (LA): Anarcho Punk


Chernobyl (LA): Dark Punk

Artificial Joy (LA): Raw Punk


Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042