Japan Nite

Kyuso Nekokami

The Tomboys, Uchikubi Gokumon Dokoukai, Kali Kazoo

Ages 18+
Japan Nite ft. KYUSO NEKOKAMI, THE TOMBOYS, Uchikubi Gokumon Dokoukai, & Kali Kazoo at the Hi Hat!


Kyuso Nekokami are a Japanese 5-piece Rock band. The band name means “a cornered rat will bite the cat” in English. They started from 2010 in Nishinomiya, Japan. The genre of their music is “Rock / Punk rock / Alternative/ Post Hard-Core / Pop Punk / Experimental”. They play about 100 shows and more than 20 music festivals in Japan every year.

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The Tomboys are a 4-piece girl band from Kobe, Japan that take classic rock sensibilities and style and mash them up with modern-day pop music in a delightfully-sweet powerpop s’more that is taking Japan by storm!

In 2017 they went to London for the recording with producer Glen Matlock (former member of the Sex Pistols!!) While in London, The Tomboys played their first show abroad, sharing a bill with Glen Matlock himself!

In 2018 The Tomboys fly to Europe to perform. France, Italy, Germany and UK. They played 14 shows in 17days.

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Uchikubi Gokumon Dokoukai (Japan)

Formed in 2004. Gt / Vo. Three-piece band by Atsushi Osawa, Dr / Vo. Asuka Kawamoto, Ba / Vo.junko. An unusual genre of female vocalists and male rhythm corps. Established a new genre of “life-adherent loud rock” with a unique style with a strange sound full of life in the roaring sound of 7-string Gt and 5-string Bass

Gradually grabbing the hearts of a wide range of people, young and old, in March 2018, the band's first “Nippon Budokan One-Man Live” was a great success. In 2019, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the formation, we are actively working on a tour for the release of a year from March to February the following year, centered on September of the formation month.

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Kali Kazoo (Los Angeles)

Kali Fontecchio began writing songs at a young age in El Segundo, CA, obsessing over Dylan, Devo and Neutral Milk Hotel. But after college, her career as a character designer for animation took off, causing her to put music aside. It wasn’t until she started collaborating with folk-metal band, The Manx, that she began writing and performing her own songs as a solo acoustic act. This quickly lead to the release of her first full length album, “Outlaw Engineer Painted Pioneer,” an aggressive acoustic exploration of pop-rock ballads. Soon after, Kali added the intensely idiosyncratic drumming of The Manx’s Max Winston to her lineup. Now a rocking two-piece, Kali Kazoo hit the studio to record their second LP, the electrified and fully orchestrated "Contrary To Popular Belief.” Continuing the work of the previous album, while pulling on influences, such as Talking Heads and PJ Harvey, their latest release served to solidify Kali Kazoo’s signature sound. With that sound came a new bassist, Anthony Vanchure of Los Angeles’ The Sharp Medicine. Currently Kali Kazoo are working on their third full length album with long time Melvin’s producer Toshi Kasai.

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Japan Nite

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042