Generifus, New Balance, The Ben Varian Approach
The Hi Hat and Safe Travels Presents


New Balance, The Ben Varian Approach

Ages 21+
Safe Travels presents Generifus at the Hi Hat!


Generifus is the music project of Washington State native Spencer Sult. Beginning in 2005, Sult has written, recorded and released around twenty LPs, Eps, Singles and Compilations including work on Olympia's K Records. Generifus has toured the USA multiple times and Japan once via car, train, Greyhound bus and plane.

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New Balance

New Balance is the Los Angeles based songwriting project of Jeremy Leasure.

The band draws on many different strains of the folk, country, and art rock of this last century. Currently the band consists of a four piece live act that has played throughout the western United States with artists like Little Wings, Young Jesus, Tancred, Diners, and more.

The full length album “The Moon is a Down” was released in fall of 2018 and the 6 song EP “Thoughts of Future Hindsight” was released the year prior.

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The Ben Varian Approach

The lovers, the ex-lovers, and Jonny (like an emotionally healthy fleetwood mac) spend one night in highland park singing idiosyncratic songs that hit your ticker right where it needs to be tocked and knocks your knickers down to your socks- as in, we rock. Come jam out with your yams out with the Ben Varian Approach!

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042