Flying Fish Cove, Belly Belt, Banny Grove

Flying Fish Cove

Belly Belt, Banny Grove

Ages 21+
Flying Fish Cove at the Hi Hat!

Flying Fish Cove

Featuring mythical melodies and dreamy moods, Flying Fish Cove are a painted dream of poetic indie pop from Seattle, WA. Fronted by Dena Zilber and Jake Jones, they are a band that invokes the spirits of Heavenly, Teenage Fanclub, and The Pastels. The fierce interiority, magical escapism, and mythical imaginaria that define the artistic duo’s intricate and intuitive visual style reveal themselves in the band's transcendent patchwork of jangling ballads. Dena's poignant vocals and propulsive guitar playing are matched serendipitously with Jake Jone’s catchy bass lines and unconventional drum machine rhythms.

In 2019 they released their debut record At Moonset (Help Yourself/Jigsaw/Lost Sound Tapes) and EP titled En Garde (Recorded at The Unknown in Anacortes, WA). While there’s definitely an element of magical enchantment with their music, it manifests in a way that also feels nostalgic. Along with their penchant for fantasy and the phantasmagoric- it is the vast mountain ranges, sublime greenery, and vibrant art scene of Seattle that inform the collaborative ethos of their songs. Dena’s luminous songwriting reveal the tensions between the pressures of work, the burdensome cost of living, and a yearning for the solace of nature, magic, art, and cartoon surrealism.

Flying Fish Cove transmutes heartache, exhaustion, and anxiety into shimmering expressions of faith in the power of joy, friendship, and the labor of making art, and their music is ultimately a testament to the transformative and collective potential of the Seattle art scene.

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Belly Belt

Belly Belt is a is a three piece pop-R&B dance trio fronted by Belly B herself. Paving the way for DIY Popstars everywhere, Belly Belt juxtaposes what it means to be a mainstream pop artist with the do-it-yourself reality of the weirdo Los Angeles music scene. Expect performance, routine, and maybe some laughs. If you're lucky, an autograph from the girls will ensure a memory to last a lifetime.

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Banny Grove

Banny Grove is a visionary pop band, once known as “the Mary Poppins of DIY,” now carving an even deeper niche, while living in a solar-powered recording studio in the Mojave Desert, and touring all the time.

After pioneering the now widely imitated form of underground-band-as-character-based-performance-art, and filling 2017 and 2018 with a staggering number of wigged-up Banny Grove shows across North America and Europe in support of a self-released record and a 7” EP, BANNY GROVE leader Louise Chicoine decided to trade in the costume and the cartoonish-ness that were her signatures in order to break ground on a more profound and lasting body of work. Perhaps not coincidentally, this shift also saw the group relocating from the reputedly over-the-top and image-conscious metropolis of Los Angeles to a solar-powered shack and recording studio in the middle of the Mojave desert. Here they set out to distill elements of pop and electronic music with a high level of compositional inventiveness and a touch of country-western flavor, and to sharpen Louise’s lyrics to the unflinching edge demanded by our country’s current moral low point.

On stage, Banny Grove is a captivating, high energy trio, backed up by Taylor Bybee on percussion, and Peter Nichols on synth and guitar.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042