Figs Vision, Zach Tabori, Leon Knight, Kurana
The Hi Hat & Wide-eyed Present

Figs Vision

Zach Tabori, Leon Knight, Kurana

All Ages
Figs Vision at The Hi Hat with Zach Tabori, Leon Knight and Kurana!

Figs Vision (LA):

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Zach Tabori (LA): Zach Tabori doesn’t like being referred to as a prodigy. In fact, that title might make him cringe. He’s not egotistical. He’s not conceited. But he’s talented, and he has been since his youth. He began working in the music industry as a teenager, doing odd jobs while he taught himself how to record, mix, arrange, and play a myriad of instruments. Now the multi-instrumentalist shows off his talents by recording and playing everything in the studio, from the Wurlitzer to the pedal steel. He’s also not afraid to bend genre boundaries, incorporating everything from prog-rock to Indian music in his sound. Though a one-man-band in the studio, Zach brings his music to life with a five-piece band. Grueling 10 hour rehearsals and meticulous attention to detail result in a captivating live show that showcases the band’s tightness, as well as its bandleader’s need to stay on his toes—every set incorporates an element of improvisation. When he’s not working on his own music, Zach plays guitar for SI Istwa and Jaden Smith, which includes co-writing songs such as “Fire Dept” and “K” from Erys (2019), and acts as collaborator/guitarist/producer for ¿Téo?. Oh yeah, he also scores films—including the 2016 Cannes Film Festival contending short, Midnight.

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Leon Knight (LA):

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Kurana (LA): Kurana is the musical and immersive-visual channel of Christian Robinson. Born to a singer and touring trombonist, music was a staple as he moved from place to place including Dallas, Sydney in Australia, then finally completing high school in Orlando, Florida. Being exposed to so many different cultures taught him the values of creativity, adaptability, and the life-changing effects that art can hold. Over the years, his self-taught approach to VJing became a staple in his skillset, and he further honed his video editing & animation skills at USC. As a VJ + animator, he’s worked on tours for Felly, Joey Bada$$, Sophia Black, Shlohmo, RKCB, Madeux, D33J, and Daria Black.

Kurana’s debut solo album, With Feeling, is in the final stages of production at the time of writing, and features an extended improvisation from Flying lotus and Ray Charles collaborator Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. The music explores a vast variety of sonic palettes, and is reminiscent of Jamie xx or Tame Impala in tone. Psychedelic, yet grounded, With Feeling is Kurana’s affirmation to the listener that it is an amazing opportunity to be alive, and to have emotions, at all -- hopeful that the end result is a transcendent optimism and a deeper level of emotional balance.

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Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042