Egg Drop Soup, Ben Katzman's Degreaser, Prized Pig, & DJ Colleen Green

Egg Drop Soup

Ben Katzman's DeGreaser, Prized Pig, Colleen Green

Ages 21+
Egg Drop Soup, Ben Katzman's Degreaser (Miami), Prized Pig, & DJ Colleen Green

Egg Drop Soup

Unapologetically raw punk trio Egg Drop Soup are injecting some adrenaline (and much needed feminism) into the flaccid veins of today’s music scene. Their massive sound has got the fire we all need to get us off our asses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The group formed in late 2017 after bass player and lead vocalist Samantha (Sammy/Sam) Westervelt came up with the name – a euphemism for menstruation – and was joined by guitarist Olivia Saperstein and drummer Greg Settino.

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Ben Katzman's Degreaser

Have you ever wondered what the love child of Judas Priest and the Ramones would sound like? Look no further. The name is Ben Katzman and the band is DeGreaser.

While Katzman is also known for running BUFU Records (Tall Juan, Free Pizza, Japanther) and his role in seminal psych-art band, Guerilla Toss, DeGreaser is the centerpiece of his impressive creative portfolio. Over the course of its existence, the pop-metal outfit has grown an impressive international following for its dynamic songwriting, diary entry-like songwriting and a diverse range of expertise in the worlds of astrology, shredding and self-improvement.

DeGreaser have shredded landmark venues across the United States including Zebulon (Los Angeles), Baby’s All Right (Brooklyn), The Middle East and Great Scott (Boston) and Gramps and Las Rosas (Miami) as they’ve toured alongside acts such as Mannequin Pussy, Colleen Green and Tall Juan. They also have a sponsorship with Volcom that has extended to tours with many of their top surfers and skaters, as well as, some of the legendary surf brand’s gnarliest content.

The band’s latest release, the Colleen Green produced full length Quarter Life Crisis, was met with both critical acclaim and uncompromising fan support. It tells the no-nonsense journey of your twenties through universally relatable titles such as “Too Old for Retail” and “Cool Point’s Don’t Pay The Rent”. As Katzman prepares DeGreaser’s upcoming astrology album for the Starburns Industries Label (Rick and Morty, Anomalisa), he has released an ode to his home state of Florida with the stand-alone single “Florida Man”. Yes, it’s about THAT Florida Man and, yes, it shreds as hard as one would expect from DeGreaser.

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Prized Pig

LA based noise rock troupe. Detuned blistering slide guitar pop songs with a wild physical presence. For fans of Captain Beefheart and Six Finger Satellite.

Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042