Duderella, Snailmate, Cosmic Kitten, Sweet Pill
The Hi Hat + Vert Ventures presents


Snailmate, Cosmic Kitten, Sweet Pill

Ages 21+
Vert Ventures Presents Duderella + Snailmate (AZ) at the Hi Hat!


Duderella is Los Angeles’ number 1 alt-punk duo. A sonic collage of abrasive stoner-pop confection. With Daniel Reyes on bass, screaming & crooning like the rejected offspring of Lux Interior & Glenn Danzig and Chris Magallon bashing the drums with accuracy and fury, this is a group made in dystopian heaven.



In 2015 Snailmate sprung forth from the corpses of two legendary Arizona bands. After just a few local shows they began their ceaseless march across the country, leaving a trail of lifetime fans in their wake. Merging synth rock, punk, hip-hop and hardcore styles into an infectiously high-energy live show, it's not hard to see why. Since then they have brought their unique sound and presence to Europe, Japan, and beyond.

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Cosmic Kitten

Having been raised in the 90s, Cosmic Kitten is like a time capsule to the era of grunge. Karen, the voice of the stellar kitty band, fluctuates from timid, shy girl to hardcore rock star in a blink of an eye, taking you on an auditory journey through emotions and stories backed by a gorgeous guitar and driving drums. Missed out on live Hole, L7, or Babes in Toyland? Then, Cosmic Kitten is not to be missed. They'll have you back in flannels and rooting for the women of rock.

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Sweet Pill

Hailing from the SGV and East L.A., Sweet Pill is a 3 piece made up of Chris Hernandez (Bass), Ramon Limon (Guitar) and Martin Valle (Drums). Ranging from a variety of styles and musical backgrounds, Sweet Pill is definitely an eruptive force, combining high energy garage rock with 60s danceability. With screeching guitar riffs and bouncing rhythm, Sweet Pill has reached and continues to reach even further than originally thought possible.

Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042