DL "Black Magic" Release Party

DL "Black Magic" Release Party

Harmless, Andy Fonda

Fri · July 27, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

I'm Danny Pratt. I sing and play guitar in DL. Liam O’Brien, the lead guitarist and I met crashing on the same floor in Sydney, and have been close friends since. We formed the band years later after bumping into one another again in LA. Liam having moved to LA from Sydney and I from London, both in pursuit of our music. Liam is now based in NY, I'm still here in LA.

In the time that we had together in LA, we encountered a deep affinity in one another’s musical influences and found inspiration in each other’s music. Heavy grooves, angular guitar lines, honest songwriting, mind-expanding literature and film composition all exited us. We began helping one another with each others musical endeavors. The first song we did together was 1234. It came about very quickly and freely, we had a great time making it. We’ve been a band since then.

We write, record and produce all of our own music. We have recorded in living rooms, friends studios, sun soaked balconies and lower east side lofts over the course of finding this music’s spirit. Being a bi-coastal operation has meant a lot of sending songs back and forth, finding our own identities within them, before getting back in a room together to bring them to life. It has at times been challenging but also very rewarding.

We met our drummer Rhys Hasting somewhere in the fray of LA about 2 years ago. We’d always known him as a great drummer and beautiful human being. Rhys also plays drums in a bunch of other bands we like. Since our first rehearsal together Rhys has given a great deal of himself to this music, and though the first letter of his name may not be in the title, he is very much a part of this band, very much its heart beat.

We will be releasing this first bunch of singles in the coming months. More to come. Thanks

DL, with love
Nacho Cano was born in Mexico City, and now resides in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old songwriter/producer has released musical projects under the name Twin Cabins, Canito and, currently, Harmless. Immigrating to San Diego at ten years old, Cano used hip hop to expand the little English he spoke.

"Twin Cabins was done from my college dorm bedroom in an effort to make the music that I liked as well as a way to tell one of my crushes I liked them," say Cano. Canito is an extension of Cano's impeccable production work, "Sampling hip hop heavily influenced my process and how I make music. Canito is a reflection of that. It's an exercise that allows me to be a part of a genre that helped me feel American." Harmless is a colorful mix of emotions woven seamlessly with bright electronic synths, smooth vocals and the occasional playful saxophone. “Harmless translates the hopeless love I know from Mexico. Songs about impossible love, boleros in English.”

Together, Cano has earned accolades from Rolling Stone Mexico, Prefix, Noisey, Wonderland Magazine, coolhunting, NTS and garnered a cult following with well over 1M streams. Stay tuned for Harmless’ forthcoming EP, A Donde Te Vas, out in fall 2018.
Andy Fonda
Andy Fonda
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042