Cowgirls Debut Rodeo

Cowgirls Debut Rodeo

Giant Waste Of Man, Velvet, DJ Milloux

Mon · August 6, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Amassed from the fragments of lives already lived, future accomplishments that lie pending in transit, and the incubation of one artistic dream to the next; Cowgirls is a band that encapsulates both individual tastes and collective heaviness to arrive at an end that only signals a different type of beginning. Equal parts western, pop, and goth with some pseudo-metal tendencies, the unit strives for a virgin take on their inspirations within the Los Angeles music scene that tends to repeat itself on the trending scale.

Chantelle Matthews (vocals/guitar) became tired of life in front of the lens and needed an avenue to showcase her fresh material, regarding her time with life on the expansive plains in the deep country. Stewart Barnett (guitar/vocals) had begun wanting to cash in on his earlier years of relentless touring, for a project with trailblazing aspirations to lay his own tunes on the table and create a balance. Al Moore (bass/vocals) was out of a group after departing the tumultuous cliche that was his previous band, equipped with a handful of roughly demoed oddities that sprung from the downfall. And Jessica Goodwin (drums) needed a soundstage that could accommodate her beautifully risky style of crashing dynamics, while bending the mold of what it means to be intuitively responsive to the grooves hidden just beneath.

The summation reveals itself as a dark, hopeful, catchy, angry, untamed and progressive genre of ballad that wants the observer to invoke and play with the spirit it’s conjuring. Songs about war, advice, photosynthesis, death, vampires, addiction, loss, and Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady” scatter the landscape and scope out the desired effect of a singular ideal becoming a scene from measure to measure. The belief is that a Cowgirl can be more than merely a noun; it can be an attitude. It can become a fascination of bridging stories and believing in the gut and gravel of one’s true personhood, while lacking appropriate forms of proper gender classifications or normal applications of what a cognitive being should end up lacing up for on this rock. We are all fucking Cowgirls.

The band will make their live debut at the Hi Hat in Los Angeles, California on Monday, August 6th, 2018. Ears to the ground on future rumblings. Saddle up.

And welcome to the rodeo.
Giant Waste Of Man
Giant Waste Of Man
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042