Dark Rooms

The Hi Hat & What The Sound Present

Dark Rooms


Mon · October 2, 2017

8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Dark Rooms
Dark Rooms
Dark Rooms is the name that Daniel Hart conjured up after years of touring and recording with bands like St. Vincent, Other Lives, The Rosebuds, Broken Social Scene, John Vanderslice, and The Polyphonic Spree. He became obsessed with photography, and wrote songs honoring that obsession. The band formed in Dallas, Texas, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Dark Rooms makes music influenced by their heroes, from Sigur Rós, to Four Tet, to Zapp, to The Delfonics. Dark Rooms released a self-titled debut album in 2013. Its songs have been played on KCRW, KXT, The Adventure Club and various other radio stations and programs around the world. The band has just finished a second album, which will be released in September 2017. Dark Rooms’ new song “I Get Overwhelmed” is featured in A24’s “A Ghost Story”, in theaters this July. Dark Rooms is touring the US and Europe this fall in conjunction with the release of the film and their new album Distraction Sickness, out September 8th.
PLEXXAGLASS is genre enigmatic. Lead by singer-songwriter Alexa Joan Rae, her music sounds like battle cries. The project's debut singles 'Lament en Route' and 'Liar' are brutally honest accounts of hatred and battles with mental illness. It is only fitting, that their third single and debut music video, would scream twice as loud for all that they stand for.
'Resist' is a call to action for all minorities who appose the current US administration. Its video (Actuality Films), using cartoon satire, depicts something that would reside in Donald Trump's nightmares. 'Resist' will pump you up and leave you begging for more.
PLEXXAGLASS owes most of its particular brand of weird to producer Kevin Billingslea (The Halo Studio, Maine). His collaboration with Rae has been pivotal to establishing a one-of-kind sound, leaving most unable to place it in a neat box. Only officially launched in the Fall of 2016, PLEXXAGLASS refuses to slow down, refuses to stay quiet, and is more determined than ever to be heard.
Esbie Fonte
Esbie Fonte is an LA based singer/songwriter and producer who makes moody and down-tempo dream pop. Frequently relocating during her childhood, Esbie was inspired to document her adventures by way of music. After receiving a student version of Logic at school, she began teaching herself to produce by capturing found sound from her varying locations on a hand-me-down zoom mic, creating the environment her songs live in. As a result, her music is filled with quirky textures and atmospheric melancholy. Being exposed to her grandfather’s Jazz and Blues records, especially Billy Holiday and Bessie Smith, inspired her to begin singing seriously at five. Her mother introduced her to singer-songwriters Joni Mitchel and Joan Armatrading, and pop and R&B of the 90's and early 2000's such as Erykah Badu and Outkast, thus finishing the core trifecta of her foundational inspiration. Needing an instrument to support the vocal melodies and lyrics of her own, she started learning classical and then jazz piano, from which she developed her own style often improvising and finding avant-garde chord changes and melody pairings. While at Sarah Lawrence College in 2016, Esbie built a DIY vocal booth in her dorm closet where she recorded a 3-track EP, "Yesterday's News." Her self-released debut EP dropped in 2017 following her move from New York to LA, and secured buzz on outlets like Hype Machine and Indiemono, while garnering attention from the indie blogosphere. Esbie is set to release her first single from her debut album, Boulevard, in January 2017.
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The Hi Hat
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Los Angeles, CA, 90042