Solidarity for Sanctuary ft. Cuco

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Solidarity for Sanctuary ft. Cuco

Royaljag, The Shingles, Dr. Doctor, Disco Shrine

Sun · March 26, 2017

7:00 pm


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This event is all ages

Cuco is a self produced 18 year old Chicano solo artist based in Los Angeles, California. A variety of abstract chords, lo fi synths, ambient guitars, punchy drums, warm bass and lead trumpets, a futuristic low rider soundtrack could be what best describes Cuco's overall sound.
From the Inland Empire town of San Bernardino comes three young men making infectious chameleon pop; a self generated genre, having a soul purpose of writing songs any listener can digest. Royaljag consists of twins Jay and Roland Garcia (vocals/guitar and bass), sealing the deal with David Ajoku (vocals/keys). All three grew up together dreaming of what it’d be like to create music together. Sharing a love for Michael Jackson and melodic harmony, the three write music completely out of collaboration. Passionately upholding these inspirations, only assists them in produce synthesized hooks, dreamy chorus melodies, and unified harmony.
The Shingles
"The Shingles" is a band Based out of Southern California, Formed by the mind of Andy Moran and followed by the talents of Joshua Gomez, Juan Flores and Juan Mereles. Already friends from prior gigs together, they create inspiring music and stick to bedroom recordings influenced by bands from thier upbringing.
Dr. Doctor
Dr. Doctor is the brainchild of Ralph Torrefranca, an LA based songwriter who has been closely involved in the local scene. The project was originally born from his love of melancholyists like The National and Ben Gibbard but has now turned into his own incarnation of r&b inspired songwriter pop.
Disco Shrine
Disco Shrine
The dichotomy of Disco Shrine is inherent in their name. Half party, half spiritual devotion to said party. One thing is certain; they are damn serious about having a damn good time. And that’s what their debut EP Soft Fur is all about. Falling in love? Dance it up. Broken heart? Dance it out. Bored? Dance it through. Lazy? Just go home then.
Venue Information:
The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90042