Halloween Covers Night ft. POLARTROPICA, Dawn of Sequins, Ugly Sweaters, Jonas, REMitation

The Hi Hat & Otik Records Present

Halloween Covers Night ft. POLARTROPICA, Dawn of Sequins, Ugly Sweaters, Jonas, REMitation

Dawn of Sequins, Ugly Sweaters, Jonas, REMitation, Otik Records

Tue ยท October 25, 2016

7:30 pm


This event is 21 and over

POLARTROPICA makes crystal-cool, dreamy, orchestral electro-synth pop that will tickle your ears and imagination. Their Debut EP 'Astrodreams' was released March 2016 on Lolipop Records. Intertwined within the "swirly burst of dreamy reverie" (-Free Bike Valet) are themes of isolation, injustice, heartbreak, and corruption - all set under the glittery futuristic synths and classical string arrangements. Polartropica was selected as Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival's official music for 2016, with debut music video 'Light Up the Sky' as an official selection for the festival. The band also showcased for Lolipop Record at the Echo Park Rising Music Festival this year.

Combining her love for classical, pop and indie rock music, Ihui Cherise Wu (past keyboardist for Sanglorians, Simone White, Robotanists, and currently Ghostel) holed up in her tiny cottage in Highland Park and wrote the songs together with fellow music lover and friend Roman Salas. The songs were recorded with Silverlake-based producer C.M. Rodriguez over one of the hottest summers in California. With the help of many talented musicians, including Morgan Paros on violin, Joe Santa Maria on saxophone and Lauren Elizabeth Baba on viola/violin, the vision for 'Astrodreams' EP came to life. Come away to a distant land where macarons grow on trees, fuzzy baby flamingos nap in the warm sunshine and glitter clouds line the sky!

"The synths swirl around Ihui's clean and clear vocals, creating an other-worldly synth-pop mixture of classical music and action movie soundtracks, with the melodrama of Rachmaninoff or James Bond, and as provocative as Beethoven or Quentin Tarantino." - Gary Fukushima, LA Weekly
Dawn of Sequins
Dawn of Sequins is a multi-generational electronic pop group from the Sequin Islands, the traditional center of
sequin manufacturing for Europe, Asia, and most of the Americas. The group's name, which comes from a translation of the
Sequinian greeting Staap Ulf, Maf Trou, Sequinn Tza' Maut? (literally "who shineth, in the dawn, of sequins so fair?"),
has been passed from family to family of sequined folk singers for more than four hundred years, dating at least back to
the famed performance of the peasant hymn "The Maiden Wente To The Shoppe To Buy Sequins There For Her Sweater,
Which Was Bejewell'd With The Face Of A Kitten On It" at the Sequin Fair of 1693.

The group sings the charming, timeless songs of a simple island people and their rustic lives: songs originally sung by
workers deep in the sequin mines; by amorous lovers chasing each other around right next to the sequin mines; by young men
wandering through the forest, looking for sequins; and by beautiful women admiring their reflections in the sequins
sewn to the sweaters of their cousins as they ride out to market day. The group wears traditional Sequinian
costume and plays the real folk instruments of the region: the synthesizer, the electric bass, and the saxophone
(introduced to the Islands in the 17th Century by British mercenaries).

Both current members of the group, Mary and Eli Chartkoff, come from fine old Sequinian families and have been
singing the songs of their motherland since they were in sequined diapers. Prior to joining the group, Mary was an
Ensign in the Free Sequined Navy, where she learned to play the saxophone and how to sew. Eli attended The Royal
Institute of Sequin Arts, where he majored in Ostentation and formed a number of notably short-lived musical
groups, such as The Three Amusing Fellows and The Fragrant Wind Quartet. As electricity is unknown in the
Sequin Islands, as well as recording studios, the Chartkoffs have temporarily re-located to Los Angeles in order
to allow trained professionals to make cassette tape recordings of their extensive repertoire. And so, thanks to
the magic of modern technology, the entire world may now share in the authentically shiny sights, sounds, and sweat
of Dawn of Sequins!
Ugly Sweaters
Ugly Sweaters
Raised in Zimbabwe, schooled in Australia and based in Los Angeles, Ugly Sweaters is the musical melding of couple Mandla and Claire Daley and power house rhythm section Alex Pfender and Ian Meltzer. The quartet put on a raucous set mixing rock N roll foundations with flares of punk and pop. Bring your dancing shoes!
Members of Henry Clay People, The Do-Its, Le Switch
R.E.M.itation is the World's Most Authentic Tribute to R.E.M.! The four member group from Southern California focuses on authenticity in their look and sound, from the erratic gyrations of Michael Stipe, to the smooth melodic lines from Mike Mills and Peter Buck, to the pulsating rhythms of Bill Berry. R.E.M.itation will take your audience back to a time when we would listen to hits like Man on the Moon, Radio Free Europe, Losing My Religion, Shiny Happy People, and It's The End of the World. A must see for any R.E.M. fan, and even those less familiar with them are sure to be fans after seeing the show!

Website: www.REMitation.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/REMitation-Worlds-Most-Authentic-Tribute-to-REM/1439927366258491
Otik Records
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The Hi Hat
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